Sunday, October 27, 2013


Have you ever participated in a Halloween event?
When was it?
Where was it?...
What did you dress as?
Trick or treat?

I have many fond memories of trick or treating as a child growing up in Aurelia, Iowa. I have no pictures that I am aware of from our costumes. I know they were homemade. I remember dressing as ghosts, witches, the usual.  We took large bags around town and got them full of full-sized candy bars! It was great. Then came the scare of people putting things in the candy, i.e. razor blades, drugs, needles, so on. Yuck.

I have pictures of my children dressing up -- theirs were mainly homemade also -- by me! I made the Raggedy Ann and the little Tiger costumes in this picture.
  I also made the "princess" costume and the little clown costume. As you can see another version of a tiger costume I made.

For many years my aunt had a Halloween party for all of us who lived in the country. These were always fun family events!  
I was an office in our local PTA for about a decade. We put on a haunted house for the area students and parents for years. It was really a pretty elaborate even and lots of fun. These were our costumes one year.

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