Sunday, September 15, 2013

my outside shell

Describe my physical self. that is an amazingly tricky question. I have been an evolving person over the years.
Baby Teri -- blond haired little girl with my Dad.

As a bride at 21 years of age.
as a new mother at age 26.
Not quite at my highest weight.
Not quite at my lowest weight.

 In a hospital bed after one of my "big surgeries" I have had approximately 12 feet of incisions in my life.

This summer with my three children and husband.
This summer - our entire family!
And as a grandmother.
As you can see, I have gone through many incarnations. I am now in between my lightest and heaviest. I have short dirty brown hair. Greenish-blue eyes. big "German" hands. Average height, 5'7.75" Average looking person, with absolutely beautiful children and grandchildren!


  1. Hi Teri! I thought this was well done! I really struggled with this week's prompt too. I think lots of us will struggle with this one. If you want to check out My Book of Me here is my blog - its brand new!
    (I actually had to go look it up - standby please)

  2. You do have a gorgeous family. What a rough road health wise you must have travelled.