Sunday, January 26, 2014

My twelve special people!

This is a very hard blog to do .... do you pick something you never met or do you get a chance to see loved ones again? First I would invite my dad. Two weeks ago was the five year anniversary of my Dad's death. I would love to see him again and have him meet his newest great grandson whom he would love! I would like to show Dad the new technology that is available. My Dad loved technology and advances.

I would love to meet one of my grandparents, my great, great grandfather, Carl Matzdorff. I would love to know exactly where he came from in Germany. He is one of my brick walls.

Carl's wife, Sophia Krabbe was born in Germany. She came over with her children after her husband had already immigrated. I know nothing of her history or ancestry. These two are serious road blocks.

I would also like to meet my great, great grandmother, Marie Dupree Diefenbach. The story about here is that she was from the Alsace-Lorraine region. She came over here with her husband and young children. According to her death certificate she strangled herself while in the hospital. Family story is that she had been diagnosed with cancer and didn't feel they could afford treatment. I really don't know anything about her and she is another of my brick walls.

I would like to meet her husband, valentine Diefenbach and find out more about his ancestors.

Wilhelm "William" Schluntz is my great, great grandfather. He was born in Mecklenburg, Germany according to what I have found. Again, nothing further is known about him.

Heinrich Philip Heck also a great, great grandfather has some secrets for me. Besides the secrets of his parents, did he really father an illegitimate child in Germany and he moved to Germany to escape responsibility from this child?

I would love to see my grandparents again: Alma and Albert, Joyce and Ted.

I would also like to meet my great, great grandmother Susanna R. Gearhart who died in childbirth.

Obviously with this list it would be a German meal -- Perhaps Grandma's coffee cake and lots of fried potatoes!

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