Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Time Capsule

Somehow I missed this prompt so it is out of order. I would of course create the time capsule for my descendants. I would like to put in little pieces of me I think to remember what my life was like. I would put in my wedding ring I think. I would include some sort of a computer because they have been a huge part of my life as well as an explanation of how they worked and what I did with them. I would put in my softball and softball glove because I love my sports. I am the furthest from athletic as you can get, however, I love watching and participating by helping children with their sports. I have already told my children who get what of my jewelry to carry forward. My oldest daughter gets my wedding ring. My next child, a daughter, gets the ring I got for my thirtieth anniversary. My son got his dad's "engagement" ring and my dad's wedding ring.

I have many family heirlooms I have explained to my children that carry on the stories of my ancestors. I have furniture, silver pieces, dishes, china, quilts, clothing, and may other pieces that my children have been told the story of to carry on the memories.
 This picture of our family room shows several heirlooms I hope to pass down. The carousel horse on the wall came from Arnold's Park in Iowa through my husband's family. The trunk my husband made as a wedding present for me. The end table is an antique that Brian's parents had. The rocking chair is also an antique from the family. The old bottle on the mantle was from a great aunt. The braided rug came from Brian's mom.
The tractor in this picture belonged to Brian's dad. His dad actually purchased the tractor the year my husband was born. These items mean much more than the monetary value. The tell the story of our families.

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